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Okay cool, I've got a spot on a website!
Posted on 22 Jul 2007 by karly

Alrighty now that Mr. tempo has hooked me up with this page I can write about my daily adventures so that you, whoever you are may read about me...(no stalkers plzz)

Today I found turtles! Real turtles and one of them winked at me-and then I came across this little farm/park area with horses,sheep,goats,bunnies,piglets,ducks A FARM! Luckily I had my sketchbook with me so that I could draw some of the animals. The only bad part of the trip was the annoying barnyard noises, and not from the animals, it was coming from the people! Every parent there with their kid is like: "what sound does a cow make?? MOO what sound does a sheep make etc....the animals just looked pissed and if they could talk they definetly would have been telling them to shut the hell up. But besides all the barnyard parents it was a great time. Eventually I will figure out how to get pics on here so I can put up some of my sketches.

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